Understand the new technology of laser companies, you can also become the “trend” leader

Understand the new technology of laser companies, you can also become the “trend” leader


After the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, you may be looking forward to the laser technology feast in Shanghai in March. You also want to be the “tide” leader of the market, can understand the trend at a glance, and firmly grasp and plan. This magic is like the light and shadow when Gandalf used the scepter, and the world is at his feet.

Can’t you hold back and want to enter this light world?

Understand the new technology of laser companies, you can also become the "trend" leader

Laser: “Although it’s small but big”

A fast-working laser cutting and welding equipment, a 3D printing equipment that uses material fusion and accumulation, a laser marking equipment that can accurately depict various patterns … the omnipotence of equipment manufacturing, the behind Heroes are naturally “although small and big” lasers. This is evident from the survey of the audience’s areas of interest at the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich earlier this year.

Understand the new technology of laser companies, you can also become the "trend" leader

Gas lasers, solid-state lasers, and semiconductor lasers have different efficiencies under the action of different powers. With the continuous development of automotive, electronics, and industrial manufacturing, new technologies, new materials and new applications are emerging. For example, the precision laser cutting process is used to process the smart phone’s home button, glass cover, conductive glass, volume hole, tft LCD screen, stainless steel frame, flexible printed circuit board, back cover shell, and other film materials and brittle materials. Indispensable in structural elements. In addition, laser drilling, gluing, filming, marking, deburring and other technologies are also being continuously applied in the manufacture of these bright and smart phones.

In the future, laser R & D will develop in the direction of all solid state, high power, high beam quality, commercial reliability and low cost. Semiconductor lasers, semiconductor pumped solid-state lasers and fiber lasers will become the mainstream of laser development.

Laser companies at home and abroad compete for the “Light World”

Chinese and foreign laser suppliers are about to make their collective appearance at the 2017 Shanghai Expo in Munich! In March 2017, you will visit the Munich International Shanghai Expo at the New International Expo Center to get the latest market information of the laser industry. You can also become a “tide leader”.

As China’s first enterprise specializing in the development and large-scale production of fiber lasers and core components, Wuhan Ruike will bring high-power series multimode fiber lasers with powers ranging from 1500W to 4000W. It has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, high reliability, long life, and maintenance-free operation. It can be widely used in welding, precision cutting, surface treatment, 3D printing and other fields.

For more exciting content, you can also get more “light” dynamics by visiting other exhibition areas at the 2017 Shanghai Expo Shanghai-laser production and processing technology, optics and optical manufacturing: imaging, inspection and quality control. . 850 domestic and foreign exhibitors are waiting for your arrival in this photoelectric feast.

During the exhibition, there will also be held a number of heavy-weight theme conferences and technical seminars-PHOTONICS CONGRESS CHINA, the 12th International Laser Technology Conference (LPC 2017), and the 12th National Conference on Laser Technology and Optoelectronics 2017 China Optical Opportunities Conference, 2017 “Modern Optical Manufacturing Engineering and Science” (Shanghai) International Forum, the 4th China Laser Market Summit Forum, China (Shanghai) International Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application Symposium. Looking forward to seeing you.