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Product Manual:

Name Date Download
1000-1500W Handheld Welding Laser Manual 2020-01-13
RFL-C3300X ~ C15000 Continuous Fiber Laser Manual 2019-12-17
Ruike RFL-C3000S Manual 2019-12-06
User Guide-Raycus-1500X_2000X-V1.0 2019-11-12
User Guide-Raycus-New appearance 1000W continuous fiber laser manual (English version) 2019-11-11
P200S Multimode Pulsed Fiber Laser Instructions 2019-10-22
P100M Pulsed Fiber Laser Instructions 2019-10-22
P70Q100Q Pulsed Fiber Laser Instructions 2019-10-22
20Q Pulsed Fiber Laser Chinese Manual 2019-10-22
10Q20QE30Q50QB Pulsed Fiber Laser Chinese Manual 2019-10-22
RFL-P500 High Power Pulse Laser Manual 2019-10-16
Lithiumbatteryapplication manual  2019-10-15
A special laser and laser cleaning solutions 2019-10-14
Ruike-new appearance C500-C1000 laser manual 2019-09-25
Ruike-small volume new appearance C1500-C2000 instruction manual 2019-09-25
Laser Products 2019-09-06
RFL Continuous Wave Fibe Laser User Guide 8k-12k 2019-05-27
RFL-C1500-6000 Continuous Fiber Laser Instructions 2019-04-11
RFL-C8000-15000 Continuous Fiber Laser Instruction Manual 2019-04-11
RFL-QCW150 quasi-continuous fiber lasers specification 2019-03-06
RFL-C1500-C6000 Continuous Wave FibeLaser User Guide 2018-12-20
User Guide Raycus-Mid Power CW Fiber Lasers 2018-12-20
User Guide-Raycus-QCW150W 2018-12-20
RFL-P200 user’s guide V1.0 2018-12-20
RFL-P20QB 30QB pulsed fiber laser user instruction-V2 2018-12-20
Pulsed fiber laser user’guide 100M V2 2018-12-20
P70Q ~ 100Q user’s guide V2 2018-12-20
P60M V2 pulsed fiber laser user’s guide 2018-12-20
P20MB user instructionV2 (1) 2018-12-20
P10Q ~ 50QB V2 pulsed fiber laser user instruction 2018-12-20
RFL-A2000D-3000D Fiber Output Semiconductor Laser Instructions 2018-07-24
RFL-A500D-1000D Fiber Output Semiconductor Laser Manual 2018-07-24
RFL-A1500D semiconductor laser optical output specification 2018-07-24
RFL-A200D Optical Fiber Output Semiconductor Laser Instruction Manual 2018-07-24
RFL-QCW450-1500FS Fiber Laser Manual 2018-07-10
RFL-A80D Fiber Output Semiconductor Laser Instruction Manual 2017-01-12



Technical Application:

Rayco continuous fiber laser cutting parameters database 2019-10-18
LaserFillerWelding by Laser Welding 2019-04-02
HLAW laser welding method of 2019-07-02




Common Tools:

-V3.2- single mode PC software execution program 2019-12-09
Host computer application-multimode 2.2kw-6kw_V1.7 2019-12-09
QCW150-V3.2- PC 2019-12-09
C500S-V3.2- PC 2019-12-09
C8KW-12KW-V1.0_ PC application 2019-12-09
8-12kW Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Serial Communication Protocol 2019-07-15
Single module host computer software operating environment 2019-06-21
Single group of continuous fiber lasers PC software 2019-03-29
Wuhan Ruike 8kW-12kW Continuous Fiber Laser Laser Serial Communication Protocol (Controlled Version)-Bai Chu 2018-12-26
Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Serial Communication Protocol 2018-12-20
JB ∕ T 12632-2016 “Fiber Laser” 2018-07-27
C500_750_1000S_1500S PC software instruction manual 2018-07-25
Inspection and cleaning method of fiber laser output lens 2016-12-27
Rayco fiber laser antifreeze program 2016-12-27
How to choose the high-power fiber lasers 2016-12-27
Mechanical hand laser installation requirements 2016-12-27
Precautions for the use of Ruike laser in summer 2016-12-27