Take you to witness the birth of a Christmas tree!

[Rayclass | Rui Class] 9th Christmas Special: Take you to witness the birth of a Christmas tree!


Near christmas

Christmas trees have been laid out all over the world


Nothing ingenious

How can it attract everyone

Planting trees, cutting trees, hanging ribbons


Our Christmas tree is not so ordinary

This issue [Rayclass | Rui class]

Christmas Special

Take you to witness

Birth of the “laser” Christmas tree

This time we prepared three Christmas trees, each using the magical power of laser deepening, coloring, and cutting techniques to present the Christmas tree in front of our eyes.


First, find a satisfactory Christmas tree pattern on the Internet.

emm …

This is nice, warm and romantic enough!


Next, use professional graphics software such as CorelDRAW to make corresponding vector diagrams, and assign various appropriate parameters to the vector diagrams. If it is stainless steel, it is relatively more complicated. You need to set different regions for each color block. parameter;


After a series of technical preparations are completed, we will prepare various tools for operation. Lasers are indispensable, and protective glasses and masks cannot be forgotten;


However, the samples made now are not finished products, and the coordination and parameters of various hardware and software need to be continuously adjusted to achieve more perfect results;



Play color (time-lapse effect has been used here)


Adjusted into a bling bling, the perfect “laser” Christmas tree is born

Laser coloring: This time, we are using Ricoh MOPA series 20W narrow pulse width pulsed fiber laser. It has the characteristics of adjustable pulse width, and the pulse width adjustment range is 2-350ns. Under the parameters of low pulse width and high frequency, this laser has lower single pulse energy, and with high repetition frequency, it can bring more fine marking processing to stainless steel.

Laser deep engraving: The MOPA series 100W narrow pulse width fiber laser of Ruike Laser is used this time. This laser has a higher average power and a larger single-pulse energy, which is more suitable for the needs of efficient engraving processes, saving customers time and costs and bringing higher production efficiency. In addition, this laser can also be used for galvanometer cutting of thin sheet materials.

Laser cutting: This time, a sharp laser QCW series 150W quasi-continuous fiber laser was used. This laser has both continuous and pulsed laser functions. Both continuous light output mode can be used for conventional cutting, and the peak power of pulse mode can be used for fine cutting. Even high-speed cutting or welding can be achieved with galvanometer and field mirror. It can meet customers’ various production process needs, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, saving equipment costs for customers.