Semiconductor laser hardening, shines in the field of metal surface strengthening

[Rayclass | Rui Class] Issue 10: Semiconductor laser hardening, shines in the field of metal surface strengthening






As a common heat treatment process, it is also an iconic heat treatment process technology. Quenching, cuì or zhàn, how to read “quenching”?

In the “Xinhua Dictionary”, the phonetic word for “quenching” is “cuì”, but most heat treatment craftsmen and workers will read “zhàn”.

Knock on the blackboard and increase knowledge

First of all, the pronunciation of the hardened word is cui, no objection.

However, there is a popular expression of quenching called “zhan”. This expression is very vivid, dipping the red-hot metal element into the water. “Chinese Dictionary” clearly states: quenching, dipping fire. Dipping fire should be a popular saying among artisans, while quenching is a written term.

Previously, in the workshop, annealing, normalizing, quenching, and tempering were the four basic processes in the overall heat treatment. Due to the noisy environment, in order to clearly distinguish the instructions of different processes, many masters will use the “dip fire” pronunciation to prevent The pronunciation of tui fire and cui fire is too close to be mistakenly heard, and word of mouth has been used to read zhan fire.

In summary, quenching reads cui, dipping fire reads zhan, ordinary people use “quenching”, practitioners use “dipping fire” in spoken language, and written words generally write “quenching”.

Purpose of quenching

Having said all this, why should there be a step of quenching?

The main use of the quenching process is to greatly improve the rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness of metals, so as to meet the different requirements of various mechanical parts and tools.

main application

Plastic molds, tensile molds, stamping molds, shafts, gears, hardware tools, etc.

Advantages of laser hardening

Say goodbye to the traditional “dip into the water”, the laser gives a new way of hardening:

  • The laser heating speed is fast, the heat-affected zone is small, and it is the local heating instantaneously during surface scanning, so the deformation of the processed workpiece is extremely small ;
  • Hardly damage surface roughness;
  • Laser quenching does not crack , and can accurately quench local, groove and groove;
  • Laser hardening is efficient and clean , and does not require water or oil to cool the medium;
  • The quenching hardness is higher than the conventional method, the quenching layer has a fine structure, and the toughness is good.
  • Because laser quenching is rapid heating and self-excited cooling, no need to protect the chamber heat insulation and coolant quenching, it is a pollution-free, green, environmentally friendly heat treatment industry, which can easily uniformly quench large surfaces .
Tool hardening

As the requirements for products become higher and higher, various types of tools need to be quenched to improve the service life. However, the traditional quenching mold fire has a large amount of deformation and local control is difficult. Laser quenching will be a good choice.

Saw tooth hardening

Pipe clamp jaw quenching

Edge quenching

Jaw quenching

The following is a real shot of the field of laser quenching using the 3000W fiber output semiconductor laser from Ruike Laser:

Processing object: stool and chair mould
Processing material: mold steel

Processing role: high temperature resistance after treatment, not easy to wear

Processing object: auto and motorcycle parts

Processing material: 45 # steel

Processing role: improve product life


Processing object: shaft

Processing material: 50 # steel

Processing effect: improve abrasion resistance

At present, laser quenching technology has been applied to the surface strengthening of consumable parts such as metallurgical industry, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, especially in improving consumable parts such as rolls, guides, gears, cutting edges, etc. In terms of use time and service life, the effect is significant.