Several typical applications of laser cladding processing technology

Several typical applications of laser cladding processing technology

Laser cladding Scope and field of application processing technology is very broad, covering almost the entire machinery manufacturing industry, including mining machinery, petrochemical, electric power, railway, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, medical equipment, aerospace, machine tools, power generation, printing, Packaging, mold, pharmaceutical and other industries.

1. Manufacturing and remanufacturing of mining equipment and its components

Mining coal mining equipment has a large amount of equipment and fast wear. Due to the harsh working environment and the rapid damage of parts and components, the company mainly engages in laser manufacturing and remanufacturing of coal mining equipment including three machines and one machine

(1) Coal mining machine: main frame, rocker arm, gear, gear shaft, various bushings, articulated frame, oil cylinder, oil cylinder seat, guide shoe, sprocket, pin rail wheel, driving wheel, picks, etc.

(2) Roadheader: oil cylinder, bracket, shaft, various bushings, picks, etc.

(3) Scraper conveyor: central chute, transition groove, gear box, gear, gear shaft, spiral bevel gear, shaft parts, etc.

(4) Hydraulic support: hinge holes, various bushings, etc. of the oil cylinder, base and support.

Cutting teeth of roadheader

Hydraulic cladding post after cladding

Picks after laser cladding

2. Manufacturing and remanufacturing of power equipment and its components

Large distribution of power equipment, uninterrupted operation, and high probability of damage to its components. Steam turbine is the core equipment of thermal power generation. Due to the special working conditions of high temperature and high heat, the damaged unit parts need to be repaired regularly every year, such as the main shaft diameter and moving blades. Gas turbines often suffer damage because they operate at high temperatures up to 1300 ° C. Using laser remanufacturing technology to repair all its defects and restore its performance, the cost is only 1/10 of the price of the new unit.

Rotor shaft laser cladding

Turbine rotor repair

Powder exhaust fan blade wear repair

3. Manufacturing and remanufacturing of petrochemical equipment and its components

The modern petrochemical industry basically adopts a continuous mass production mode. During the production process, the machine works in a harsh environment for a long time, resulting in damage, corrosion and wear of the components in the equipment. Often the parts that have problems include valves. , Pumps, impellers, journals of large rotors, disks, bushings, bushes, etc., and these components are very expensive, there are many types of parts involved, most of the shapes are complex, and it is difficult to repair them, but With the advent of laser cladding technology, these problems are not a problem.

Laser cladding of hard ceramic coatings such as petroleum drill rods and drill tools

4. Manufacturing and remanufacturing of railway equipment and its components

Railway transportation has developed rapidly with the growth of society and economy. The demand for new railway vehicles is very large, and the number and performance requirements of main components are also increasing. Remanufacturing technology, as a new resource reuse technology, can be applied to the remanufacturing of easily worn parts of vehicles. Laser surface hardening is the core technology and process method of remanufacturing. Among them, laser surface cladding technology can be used to repair and strengthen the surface of remanufactured parts.

5. Remanufacturing of key components of other machinery industry equipment

Remanufacturing of key parts and components of other machinery manufacturing industries, including industries such as metallurgy, petrochemicals, mining, chemical industry, aviation, automotive, shipbuilding, machine tools, etc., targeted at the wear of precision equipment, large equipment, and valuable parts in these areas , Erosion, corrosion parts, laser cladding processing technology for repair and performance optimization.

Laser Cladding Gantry Boring and Milling Machine Snail Bar Repair

Laser cladding high wear-resistant steelmaking continuous casting roll