Innovative and intelligent future when Vientiane is updated | MARVEL 12000W new generation laser cutting machine listed

On October 28th, the launch of the MARVEL “W” series of the XG laser cutting machine of Huagong Laser was successfully held in Wuhan, focusing on the theme of “Wangxiang” and “new”, from authoritative experts in the industry, outstanding corporate representatives and industry media. After more than two hundred people had an interactive exchange, in response to the market demand for the deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology and the new generation of information technology, the development prospects of the laser industry were discussed in depth. The prelude to the Wanwa era.

Speech by experts

The event brought together many top experts in the laser industry, Duan Zhengcheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhu Xiao, director of the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, Qi Junhe, supervisor of China Forging Association, and Dr. Li, deputy general manager of Ruike Laser. Warm congratulations on the launch of the new MARVEL “W” products, and the future development trends and prospects of the domestic laser industry were discussed.

➡ Academician Duan emphasized that the main body of innovation is the enterprise, and the development of teaching and scientific research cannot be separated from the support of the enterprise. The enterprise should take innovation as the development direction, give full play to the role of leading demonstration, and truly achieve what the market needs, and what the enterprise can produce.

Duan Zhengcheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

主任 Director Zhu Xiao mentioned: The increasing power of current laser equipment has brought three advantages, one is that production efficiency and speed are accelerated, and the cost of the company has dropped significantly; the other is that more new application areas have been opened up; the third is high-power general-purpose The energy source makes equipment more integrated and more convenient to apply.

Zhu Xiao, Director of National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing

俊 Chairman Qi Junhe’s speech: Laser manufacturing technology has brought new development opportunities to the forging industry, which can produce more low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving materials, making the industry as a whole sustainable.

Qi Junhe, Supervisor of China Forging Association

➡ Dr. Li, deputy general manager of Ruike Laser, a fiber laser company and a strategic partner of Huagong, congratulated the event and expressed that in the face of the ever-changing market and the escalating demand of the industrial structure, the industry’s upstream and downstream should work together and work hard together , And jointly open up a new situation for laser intelligent manufacturing in China.

Dr. Li, Deputy General Manager of Ruike Laser

New products at a glance

At the event, Huagong Laser ’s new generation laser cutting machine MARVEL 12000W unveiled the mystery: based on the MARVEL series of 10,000-watt cutting platforms, it can achieve 1200 holes / minute super light speed cutting, the speed is as fast as 21 holes / second, adhering to MARVEL The series of products have a consistent concept of “customization, service, and greening”, with faster cutting speed and higher processing efficiency, and are closely integrated with the production line, making the manufacturing process more intelligent and efficient. Participating users praised it and ordered satisfactory high-power products on-site after the experience, allowing new products to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and promote development for the enterprise as soon as possible.


The MARVEL 12000W launched this time is a new generation of high-power laser cutting products that are launched after the introduction of MARVEL 6000W last year. It is also a high-performance laser cutting product aimed at large-scale production to improve processing efficiency and reduce unit cost. The launch of this product indicates that the core light source of China’s high-end laser equipment has fully entered the megawatt era, and the level of laser processing technology and manufacturing has reached a new level.

On-site tasting

On the day of the sale, industry customers also visited Huagong Laser Application Technology Center, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park and Ruike Laser, a fiber laser manufacturing base, to comprehensively, thoroughly and intuitively understand the development process, industrial structure and future development direction of Huagong . Customers in the industry fully affirmed the innovation achievements of Huagong Laser, and expressed their high recognition, affirmation and encouragement for Huagong Laser’s development process of focusing on R & D and innovation and pursuing sustainable operation. Mr. Hebei Che said: “The automotive industry in particular needs to increase production capacity. This detailed and informative introduction also made me understand that this new product is not only a change in digital and power, it is also closer to the actual production situation of the enterprise. The combination makes the manufacturing process more intelligent and efficient. “

Innovative Smart Future

As the pioneer of laser industrialization in China, Huagong Laser always adheres to the mission of creating customer value and always stands at the forefront of “light manufacturing”. As General Manager Deng Jiake said in his speech: Intelligent manufacturing is the deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology and new generation of information technology. High-end intelligent equipment is the concrete embodiment of advanced manufacturing technology and also an important carrier of new generation of information technology. Continuous investment in product research and development and marketization, and strengthening cooperation, can continue to break through and surpass, allow high-end intelligent equipment to benefit more manufacturing enterprises, and allow the spirit of domestic independent innovation to continue and extend smoothly.

Deng Jiake, General Manager of Huagong Laser

Light has no boundaries, and the future is intelligent. The successful launch of the X-generation laser cutting machine MARVEL “W” series was held, which not only brought new laser processing solutions to customers in the traditional manufacturing industry, but also created more value for production in practical applications and promoted the company And the industry has entered a high-speed, high-quality development path. At the same time, MARVEL 12000W is also the source of power for Huagong Laser to continue and forge ahead in the future, and continue to work hard on the road of “Light Manufacturing”. Huagong Laser will continue to adhere to its heart, strive for excellence, continue to innovate, and create higher-end and higher-quality products. “Help smart manufacturing.