Industry application market in the context of light manufacturing

[Informed] Industry application market in the context of light manufacturing (Part 2)


1 mobile phone

Laser cutting technology improves the traditional production process, makes mobile phone processing more consistent with the requirements of contemporary production standardization, and replaces labor with automated machinery to create a more secure and reliable production operation mode. Not only is it a decompression for manufacturers, but it is also an important way to promote mobile phone prices.

2 ceramics

As a flexible processing method, laser has demonstrated extraordinary capabilities in the processing of ceramic substrates. In addition to ceramic cutting and punching, it can also be used in ceramic stickers, printing, marking and other production processes, which greatly saves industrial energy consumption. With the advent of such an advanced processing technology, it is also time for entrepreneurs in the ceramics industry to redefine the processing method, define the future, and lead change.

3 Sailing

Laser technology has realized highly automated and flexible processing, which has saved a lot of costs. At the same time, it can accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy to major projects and promote the innovation and development of high-end equipment such as marine engineering. Therefore, laser technology has great application potential in rail transit and marine engineering equipment And development significance.

4 cars

In the automotive industry in developed countries, 50% to 70% of parts are completed by laser processing. Laser manufacturing technology is playing an increasingly important role in improving the R & D and manufacturing level of the automotive industry.

5 military

Lasers are receiving more and more attention in the military because of their good directivity and high brightness. Their applications are: two types of laser weapons, high-energy laser weapons and low-energy laser weapons, which use laser energy to destroy targets or render them ineffective arms.

6 fitness equipment

Fitness equipment and other products use a large number of pipe parts, relatively few plates are processed, pipe cutting and punching processes are often required, so high-efficiency and high-precision laser pipe cutting equipment is very necessary.

7 cultural relics

As a cultural relic protection and repair technology and equipment, laser cleaning technology has been widely used internationally, especially in the cleaning, protection and repair of ancient buildings and their various construction surfaces.

8 Aerospace

To accurately remove these thin layers of paint from an aircraft, sometimes without priming or damaging the underlying aluminum or composite materials, robotic laser paint removal systems rely on a variety of optical and laser sensors.