Industry application market in the context of light manufacturing

[Informed] Industry application market in the context of light manufacturing (Part 2)


In yesterday’s article “Industrial Application Market in the Background of the Light Manufacturing Era (Part 1)” (click to jump to the article) , we mentioned that laser technology has been widely used in many fields in China, for scientific and technological progress and national economic development He has made positive contributions to national defense construction and has won a place in the world. Today, we continue to count the application of laser processing technology in various industries. (Click the title below to jump to the original text)


  1. hardware bathroom

Superior laser marking security code security features, can effectively combat the “cottage imitation goods”, laser tag bar code information clear and beautiful, permanent, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, easy to erase, can effectively prevent changing commodity markets, and to pass The “two-dimensional code traceability system” realizes full traceability, which can effectively strengthen the supervision of local distribution and agents.

2. appliances

In the home appliance industry, argon arc welding or fiber welding is traditionally used, but the traditional welding process has a poor processing surface, which brings great processing difficulties to the next process, and the appearance of laser welding is smooth , Small thermal deformation, save materials , simple grinding or polishing after welding can complete the appearance of processing.

3. medical instruments

Laser welding technology has also been widely used in medical and health. Because this application field has strict requirements for high cleanliness in its manufacturing process, laser welding technology just meets its needs. Compared with other commonly used welding technologies, laser welding technology produces almost no slag and debris, and does not need to add any adhesive during the welding process, so it can complete the entire welding work in a clean room.


4. PCB

Traditional mechanical drilling is difficult to meet the processing requirements of high density PCB micro holes. The experiments show that through precise control of laser wavelength mode, spot diameter and pulse width, and the use of the effect of laser beams on the interaction of materials, processing high-density PCB microholes can not only achieve good processing quality, but also reflect Laser drilling is fast and precise.


5. Communication

Communication is a communication method that uses laser to transmit information. Laser is a new type of light source, which has the characteristics of high brightness, strong directivity, good monochromaticity and strong coherence.

According to the different transmission media, it can be divided into atmospheric laser communication and optical fiber communication. Atmospheric laser communication is laser communication using the atmosphere as a transmission medium. Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses optical fibers to transmit optical signals.


6. stationery

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the types of stationery have become more varied, traditional stationery has gradually withdrawn from the market, and creative and special stationery has become hot. In particular, the mature development of laser technology, laser cutting, engraving, hollowing out and other processes are also showing their strength in the stationery industry, and brought a series of creative and stylish “new” stationery products.


7. Rail

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the significant improvement of people’s living standards, rail transit has entered the fast track of rapid development. At present, in the rail vehicle manufacturing industry, laser processing manufacturing technology has attracted much attention. Laser processing technology is the most important manufacturing technology method in recent years in the rail vehicle manufacturing industry, and it has greatly promoted the improvement of rail vehicle manufacturing technology. Facing the trend of light weight and high speed, laser processing also continues to put forward new directions and new topics for it.


8. sheet metal processing

With the application of laser cutting machines, sheet metal processing technology has developed rapidly and brought revolutionary ideas to sheet metal manufacturing. The laser cutting process and laser cutting machine equipment are being accepted by the majority of sheet metal processing enterprises.

Laser processing technology has a very important position in sheet metal processing technology, which improves the productivity of sheet metal processing and promotes the development of sheet metal technology.