10,000 watts 5G will become the focus of research and development

Huagong Technology and Ruike laser core light source fully enter the era of 10,000 watts 5G will become the focus of research and development


On February 20, 2019, when Huagong Technology was under investigation, Mr. Liu Hanshu, the secretary of the board of directors of the company, gave a brief introduction to the company’s basic situation, and gave specific answers to investors’ concerns.

R & D and sales of laser equipment products

In the laser advanced equipment manufacturing business, Huagong Technology has formed a full industrial chain layout from upstream light sources to downstream applications, from laser chip-laser-laser application equipment and system solutions-laser processing-industry automation and intelligent manufacturing. The company cooperated deeply with Ruike Laser to launch the Marvel series fiber laser cutting machine using domestic independent light source. The company’s laser cutting machine sales increased significantly in the first three quarters. At the same time, it has grown significantly in the areas of automation and welding production lines, new energy solutions, and automotive parts processing.

On October 28, 2018, the company launched a new generation of MARVEL 12000W laser cutting machine. While using domestic core light sources, it also achieved independent research and development of cutting heads. The introduction of the MARVEL 12000W laser cutting machine to the market indicates that the core light source of China’s high-end laser equipment has entered the megawatt era. Increasing the power of laser equipment will bring three advantages: first, production efficiency and speed will increase, and corporate costs will drop significantly; second, it will open up more new application areas and will further expand laser cutting in shipbuilding, rail transportation, nuclear power, etc. Applications in the field; the third is a high-power universal energy source, which makes the equipment integrated and more convenient to apply.

Huagong Laser MARVEL 12000 Laser Cutting Machine

5G business operation

In the first half of 2018, Huagong Technology seized the 5G, data center, and Internet of Things construction outlets and launched a global network marketing layout. In terms of optical module business, the product structure was comprehensively transformed to 25G / 40G / 50G / 100G, and increased investment in research and development. Accelerate the production of 400G full series products, 400G products have live demos at OFC 2019 in March. The industrial development progress of domestic high-speed optical chips will directly affect the deployment process of 5G in China. Yunling Optoelectronics, which the company initiated last year, mainly develops semiconductor laser chips. It has now achieved mass production of 10G optical chips and plans to achieve mass production of 25G chips this year. The company’s 25G optical module products have been certified by major customers and have been shipped in bulk.

Huagong Zhengyuan 25G 1310nm 10km SM SFP28 Transceiver

At the same time, the capacity of the company ’s original investment project “Smart Terminal Industrial Base Project” has reached the planning requirements. The company decided to terminate the project investment and change the remaining raised funds of 460 million yuan to “apply to the R & D and expansion of optical modules for 5G and data centers. Production projects “, focusing on the development of new products for 5G optical modules and data centers. The construction of this project will help the company to quickly support 5G and data center optical module R & D and production equipment, improve the company’s competitive advantage and supply capacity of high-end products, and improve profitability.