40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up

The “40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up and 30 People in 30 Years of Optics Valley Innovation” Awards announced that they are the best people in Optics Valley


Chutian Metropolis Daily, December 23 (Reporter Pang Zheng) Recently, “the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and 30 people in 30 years of Optics Valley innovation” were formally selected from 100 candidates from academia and business, including ” Thirty people including Professor Huang Dexiu, the author of the concept of “Wuhan · China Optics Valley”, were elected. They have written or are writing about the history of Optics Valley, and their names will be written into the history of Optics Valley.

An era, a group of people.

In December 1988, the management office of Donghu New Technology Development Zone was officially listed. Looking back over the past 30 years, the East Lake High-tech Zone has developed from nothing to weakness, and has grown from light to light. It has written a magnificent chapter of innovation and development. It is China’s first batch of national high-tech zones, the second independent innovation demonstration zone, and the Wuhan (China) Hubei Free Trade Pilot Zone, which has become a well-known entrepreneurial and innovative highland.

The brilliant achievements of Optics Valley embodies the wisdom and efforts of the pioneers of reform; the development and growth of Optics Valley sparks the thought sparks of entrepreneurial pioneers; and the gorgeous butterfly changes of Optics Valley show the selfless dedication of the builders.

The 30 selected today are outstanding representatives of these people. Zhao Zisen, the “father of China ’s optical fiber” who pulled out China ’s first optical fiber; China ’s first-ranked private high-tech company, the first listed company in Optics Valley Founder Ai Luming …

In addition to 30 people, there are a large number of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs here to pioneer, innovate and overcome difficulties, and make indelible contributions to the development of Optics Valley, representing the future development direction of Optics Valley. More “Guanggu people” and “Xinguang people” chasing dreams and fulfilling dreams here, relaying forward, never stop.

Standing at the threshold of the year of growth, China Optics Valley plans to follow a three-step development strategy. By the middle of this century, it will build a world-leading high-tech park, become a center of innovation and entrepreneurship with global influence, and build a “World Optics Valley.”

In the next 30 years, Optics Valley and Optics Valley people, come on!

Selected list (in no particular order)

Zhao Zisen (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Senior Technical Consultant of Wuhan Institute of Posts and Telecommunications)

Pulling out China’s first optical fiber with practical value, drawing a legend of the era of technological and industrial development

Li Deren (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Founder of Optics Valley Geospatial Information Industry, Polishing China’s “Beidou” Stars with Sky Eyes

Huang Dexiu (Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

The author of the concept of “China Optics Valley” devoted his whole life to this blueprint

Tong Guohua (Chairman of China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd.)

From the reform of scientific research institutes to industrialization, we have always promoted the reform of state-owned enterprises

Lei Jun (Founder and Chairman of Xiaomi Technology, Chairman of Wuhan Optics Valley Coffee Ventures Co., Ltd.)

He moved from Optics Valley to China, founded a company in Optics Valley during university, and returned to Optics Valley to set up Xiaomi’s “second headquarters” 26 years later.

Zhao Weiguo (Chairman of Changjiang Storage Technology Co., Ltd.)

Lighting “China Core” in Optics Valley, Promoting “Zero” Breakthrough in the Large-scale Development of China’s Integrated Circuit Memory Chip Industry

Huang Li (Chairman of Wuhan Gaode Infrared Co., Ltd.)

Optics Valley military-civilian industry pioneer, developed China’s infrared core, the industry leader

Ai Luming (Founder and Chairman of Wuhan Contemporary Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.)

Optics Valley’s first generation of pioneering pioneers and the founder of the first listed company, leading the spirit of Optics Valley for 30 years

Xiang Mingwu (Chairman of MCC South Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.)

Pioneer of transformation, successful exploration of state-owned enterprises’ transformation and development in Optics Valley

Luo Qingming (Director, Wuhan Optoelectronics National Research Center)

A staunch promoter and practitioner of the reform of the optical system of science and technology, achieving the first list of “Golden Ten”

Zhuang Dan (President of Changfei Optical Fiber & Cable Co., Ltd.)

Leading the “Light of the Optics Valley” to the top in the world, achieving “A + H” listings, and achieving 10 billion enterprises

Chen Huanchun (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Huazhong Agricultural University)

From scientists to entrepreneurs, “Veterinary Hospital Fellows” support “protective umbrellas” for farmers and farmers

Ma Xinqiang (Chairman of Huagong Technology Industry Co., Ltd.)

Promote the industrialization of achievements and turn university-run enterprises into the first laser listed companies in Optics Valley

Wang Xuehai (Chairman of Renfu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.)

Supporting Optics Valley’s first private enterprise with revenue of over 10 billion, the backbone of the 100 billion biological industry

Ma Zhanjun (Chairman of Sinopharm Holding Hubei Co., Ltd.)

Pioneer of “Chinese Medicine” ploughing Hubei, a benchmark for win-win development between central enterprises and local industries

Yan Dapeng  ( Vice Chairman and Chief Engineer of Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. ) 

The Optics Valley example of returnee entrepreneurship and science and technology nationwide fills the gap in China’s 10,000-watt fiber laser

He is an iconic entrepreneur in Optics Valley’s returnee business. At the age of 40, he gave up his domestic professorship and mentorship to study fiber laser technology overseas. At the age of 51, he returned to China to start a business and founded Ruike Laser.

He is the leader of the optical valley laser industry in the new era, filling the gap in China’s first 10,000 watt fiber laser R & D and manufacturing, and realizing the innovative extension of the optical valley laser industry from application to technology sources.

He is a scientist in the laser industry, mobilizing talents to attract talents, attracting talents by the industrial chain, and constantly looking for top laser chip scientists to take root in Optics Valley, pulling up the talent chain, innovation chain and industrial chain in China’s fiber laser field, determined to achieve Localization and independent control of core devices and raw materials.

Zou Xuecheng (Director of National Integrated Circuit Talent Training Base (Wuhan), Director of Wuhan Integrated Circuit Design Engineering Technology Research Center)

From integrated circuits to semiconductor displays, Optics Valley’s two strategic emerging industry advocates

Sun Wen (Chairman of Wuhan Chutian Laser (Group) Co., Ltd.)

The first batch to resign from the research institute to build the “Chutian Laser” brand and become the spokesperson for “Knowledge Economy”

Liping Huang (Chairman of CLP Optics Valley United Holdings)

The founder of the Optics Valley Theme Industrial Park, building a future-oriented industrial resource sharing platform

Xie Yuande (Chairman of Shenglong Electric Group Co., Ltd.)

Original “group boss system”, “electric king” who grew up from grassroots entrepreneurship, leading the intelligent upgrade of the electrical industry

Xie Shengming (Chairman of Hongtaokai Group Co., Ltd.)

Let Hongtao K become a “well-known trademark” in China

Guohua Xiao (Founder of Anhan Optoelectronics Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.)

The first batch of “3551 talents” in Optics Valley, an outstanding representative of cross-innovation in the new era, created the first biological “unicorn” in Hubei

Geng Biao (Chairman of Wuhan Baijuncheng Technology Co., Ltd.)

Professor goes into the sea, opens the door to optical valley software and service outsourcing industry

Zhan Zhichun (Chairman of Wuhan Xinhuayang Biological Co., Ltd.)

Takes root in Optical Valley for 22 years, sells Optical Valley bioenzyme preparations to more than 40 countries including Europe and America

Liu Liangyan (Chairman of Huashuo Technology Co., Ltd.)

The head of the first restructured scientific research institute in our province, maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets by 16 times

Wang Kaian (Chairman of Optics Valley Creative Industry Base)

From a village in the city to an industrial park, promoting the era of the “Aboriginal” era of Optics Valley

Chen Shaojie (CEO of Wuhan Douyu Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

Create the first “unicorn” in Hubei, lead the new economy and new future

Lai Chunlin (Chairman of Hubei Shengtian Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

Optics Valley’s first technology “richest woman” breaks out of Hubei’s first Internet listed company

Chen Lili (Chairman of Wuhan Mingde Biotechnology Co., Ltd.)

From the entrepreneurial team to the listed company, she spent ten years proclaiming the vitality and unlimited possibilities of the development of optical industry

Shiyong Wang (founder of Wuhan Liangdian Shifen Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.)

Representative of the innovation and entrepreneurship of Optics Valley million students, the work refreshes the highest IP authorization amount of Chinese comics