2017 Innovation Achievement Show (Graphic)

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★ 12KW Multimode Continuous Fiber Laser Breaks Foreign Monopoly

At the 14th “Optical Expo” held in November 2017, Ruike Laser exhibited the first 12KW high-power multimode fiber laser in China, cutting, welding and scoring , Cladding, sintering, surface treatment, additive manufacturing, long-range ablation.

Yan Dapeng, chief engineer of Ruike Laser, introduced that with the popularization of domestic fiber laser metal processing equipment, especially 6kW-class national production processing equipment is gradually increasing, the profit of the processing industry is gradually diluted in the competition, but 3 ~ 25mm The cutting business of 3 ~ 16mm brass and aluminum plates is currently ideal in the industry, because this processing material is expensive, it has strict requirements on equipment stability and applications, and it also puts forward strict anti-reflection indexes for lasers.

Domestic users are looking forward to 12KW-class high-quality domestic fiber lasers that have been verified by the actual market. However, before 2016, all related equipment will be equipped with imported fiber lasers or even complete machines. The input cost is very high and the technology is in the hands of foreign manufacturers. .

Under the premise of breaking through the 20,000-watt fiber laser technology, Ruike Laser officially launched the Chinese own 12kW multimode continuous fiber laser in 2017. After actual testing by multiple equipment manufacturers, the product performance indicators are at the same level as imported brands, breaking foreign technology and product monopolies, and representing China’s fiber laser technology strength.