Warmly celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of Ruike Fiber Laser

Warmly celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of Ruike Fiber Laser


April 6, 2010, a festive day. On this day, Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. celebrates its third anniversary! Jubilant for the company! Excited!

  Looking back on history, three years of sweetness and bitterness, three years of wind, frost, rain, and snow, are concentrated at this moment.

  In three years, Ruike fiber laser has developed from a small company to a well-known domestic enterprise. The introduction of the first low-power fiber laser to the current production of medium-power fiber lasers took only three years. Each of these steps Ruike fiber lasers have all gone so steadily and brilliantly!

  On April 6, 2007, Dr. Yan Dapeng returned to China to cooperate with Huagong Laser and established “Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd.” to engage in the domestic production of fiber laser original components and lasers in China.

  After three years of leapfrog development and three expansions, the organizational structure has been running smoothly, and the quality management system has achieved initial results. The comprehensive strength advantage has enabled the annual production capacity of Ruike’s fiber lasers to reach more than 2,000 units and sales profits to exceed 100 million yuan. This has also received strong support from national science and technology support plan projects and major national special projects.

  If we say that the first three years of establishment are the years of Ruike Fiber Laser’s silent hard work and accumulation, then the next five years will be the years when Ruike’s Fiber Laser has accumulated and developed!
  In 2010, Ruike Fiber Laser again carried out strategic cooperation and expansion in capital, which laid a solid foundation for the listing and the ideal of creating a fiber laser brand for Ruike Fiber Laser!

  When riding the wind and waves, there are times when hanging on Yunfan to save the sea! Looking back on history, the brilliant achievements of Ruike Fiber Laser are obvious to all!

  Today, at the moment of the third anniversary of the establishment of Ruike Fiber Laser, as we gather together, we should think about what kind of answer papers we will submit for Ruike Fiber Laser in a few years? What kind of gift?
  Sailing against the water, retreating if you do not advance! The big picture is a long way to go! In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, we are facing a more severe test!
  New opportunities, new starting points, new challenges! As a person from Ruike, let us take a high degree of cohesion, return to the world, return to the sea, take the park concept of “learning, innovation, competition and collaboration”, and take it as our responsibility to shape Ruike fiber lasers into international famous brands. Ruike Fiber Laser Creates Resplendence!