How will the price of laser cutting machines change in 2018? Look at domestic lasers

How will the price of laser cutting machines change in 2018? Look at domestic lasers


In 2017, the application scope of lasers in different fields gradually deepened. Traditional processing manufacturing industries increasingly use laser cutting technology for processing, of which fiber laser cutting machines are the most widely used.


With the expansion of the industry, the competition is also fiercer. It is foreseeable that in 2018, the demand and supply of laser cutting machines will increase. What new trends will appear in the price of fiber laser cutting machines in 2018? Look down.

2017 oversupply competition intensified
In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic laser cutting machine industry, the situation of dependence on imports has improved, and the relationship between supply and demand has also changed. Incandescence.
In today’s severe homogenization of laser cutting machines, the result of over-pressing the production cost is to reduce the allocation and quality, and to charge the low-cost gimmicks, the price of the laser cutting machine is rising or falling.

But looking at the laser cutting machine market, there is a very special phenomenon: the best-selling products are often not the lowest-priced brands. Improving brand competitiveness by reducing production costs is the primary stage of competition, because to a certain extent, production costs cannot be infinitely reduced. To really reduce the price of laser cutting machines, we must start from other aspects.

The core component of the high-priced
laser cutting machine is the laser, which is also the most important part of the price of laser cutting machines. For a long time, China’s high-power laser cutting machine equipment relies on imported technology for pure assembly production. The core components are affected by people. The laser cutting machine is expensive and the supply cycle is long, resulting in high prices for the laser cutting machine.

At present, low-power fiber lasers are mostly occupied by domestic manufacturers, with a market share of 85%. After the domestic production of low-power lasers in 2010-2015, the cost of low-power lasers fell by more than 50%. Domestic manufacturers in the mid-power fiber laser market have achieved technological breakthroughs in recent years, and their market share has greatly increased. In 2016, they exceeded sales for the first time in sales.

From 2013 to 2016, domestic fiber lasers are classified as high-power lasers according to their power sales and equipment production
. The market has a low localization rate, and domestic downstream enterprises have weak bargaining power, and the price decline is smaller than that of low-power lasers. Taking 2000W high-power lasers as an example, the average market price in 2012-2016 dropped from 1.3-1.6 million to 1-1.4 million, a decrease of only about 20%.

It is not difficult to see whether the price of laser cutting machines can decrease in 2018, and how much the decline depends largely on whether domestic laser applications can be popularized and gradually replace imported lasers.

The price of laser cutting machines is trending downward.
Although the pricing power of high-power lasers in the market is still in the hands of foreign companies, a large number of outstanding laser leaders have emerged in China. Ruike Laser has launched a batch of 10,000W high-power fiber lasers, breaking the monopoly of high-power fiber lasers overseas.

With the development of 1.5-6kw high-power fiber lasers by domestic manufacturers, breaking the pricing power of foreign manufacturers, the price of high-power fiber lasers will significantly decrease, and costs will decrease, which will drive the price of laser cutting machines to continue to decline in 2018. This will also accelerate the penetration of laser processing in the domestic industrial field, while domestic equipment manufacturers will seize the market of foreign equipment manufacturers in the traditional heavy industry field.

With the increasingly strong domestic laser cutting machine brand, the competition in the laser cutting machine market will become more intense in 2018, but it is foreseeable that competition among brands, products and enterprises is no longer a single price competition. Quality, service, additional Hidden factors such as value, channels, and corporate development strategies are also important aspects of the long-term development and sustainable development of enterprises and brands.